“Benjakitti Park”-a public park in the heart of the city

Benjakitti Park Millennium Residence

In addition to the Millennium residence project area being larger than 12 rai, it is also considered to be the largest residential project area in the Central Business District (CBD) as the unit density per square meter is lower than the newly emerging condominiums in the same area, The Millennium Residence project has a common area to facilitate residents, such as a 50-meter free-form swimming pool and green areas within the project, playground tennis court A communal building with complete facilities including a large meeting room
And most importantly, which is a new park in the heart of Sukhumvit called “Benjakitti Park”, where the residents of the Millennium residence project will be able to see the scenery of the Benjakitti Forest Park, This is vividly and can travel to relax at this beautiful Benjakitti every day

Benjakitti Park

Benjakitti Park, the urban forest, has become another tourist attraction in Bangkok. The most popular and chilling with “Benjakitti Park”, a public park in the heart of the city. Which opens a new zone for everyone to relax, exercise, or take beautiful photos, it seems to be a popular activity.
Benjakitti Park, This is a new park in the heart of the city built on the land of an old tobacco factory Adjacent to the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center that is being renovated. The atmosphere in the garden was quite large and unusual. It is a public park in the heart of Bangkok. With a total area of ​​more than 450 rai, the landscape has been transformed into a forest garden. Increase green space for Bangkok residents Throughout the walk you will feel the vitality of the trees. And when looking into the distance, you will see a view of the city buildings that serve as the backdrop. Especially if you come in the evening, the lights from those buildings will look strangely beautiful. but looks relaxed at the same time.

The highlight that stands out is the island of trees in the middle of the pond. Taken from the traditional wisdom of gardeners Raise the root of the tree above the groundwater level. causing water to seep into the soil Tree roots can absorb water. therefore growing well as well as reducing water evaporation and helps to reduce the temperature of the surrounding area as well
Exercise route area for health lovers It is divided into walking paths, running paths, and bicycle paths. There are visiting points such as Sky Walk, a walkway of about 2 kilometers long, walking exercise, and it is also a popular spot for taking photos. that connects to Lumpini Park Another large park nearby.
Tobacco warehouses and tobacco factories are also being renovated into an indoor sports complex and a museum building that can accommodate up to 3,000 people, demonstration farm plots, and an amphitheater for more than 15,000 events, all by design. which still preserves the value of the original architecture in its entirety.

Benjakitti Forest Park will be complete and open daily from 5.00 a.m. – 9.00 p.m.

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  • The Millennium residence project, exit Sukhumvit Soi 16, walking distance of about 800 meters, takes about 10 minutes,
  • By taking the BTS Skytrain at Asoke Station or MRT Sukhumvit Station. And continue walking for about 500 meters, you will arrive at the entrance to Benjakitti Park.
  • By private car, the door is open for parking only during the morning time 05.00 – 09.00 and in the evening from 16.00 – 21.00.
  • Location: Google map – Benchakitti Forest Park

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