All you need to know about condo near NIST international school

NIST International School is located in soi sukhumvit 15, Watthana district, Bangkok. As it is situated in the heart of Bangkok, it is a business hub and there are plenty of facilities to offer. The nearest BTS station from school is Nana and the nearest MRT station is Phetchaburi station. Not so far from the school is the Asok area, which is an interchange train station between metro and skytrain. If we are following the train line. The nearby areas of the school which have many choices of condominiums are Nana, Asok, Prompong, Thonglor, Phetchaburi and Praram 9.

NIST and condo nearby
NIST International School

Get to know importance places near NIST International School

NIST International School is near Nana and Asoke the most. Nana is considered to be the residence of foreigners in a wide range of nationalities and religions. There is a night market, many pubs and bars, and international restaurants such as Indian and middle east food. 


Asoke is a famous area where many office buildings are situated. Nearby is Terminal 21, a popular mall created with an airport and international theme. There are also many places for relaxation after a long day like spa and massage shops or having a healthy lifestyle with cool fitness around. This area also has many offers tailor service with high quality but affordable prices.

Phrom Phong

Next to Asoke is the Phrom phong which is a home of many local restaurants and cafes. Here is also a place of big community malls which are Emquatier and Emporium where you can find almost everything you want to buy. And if you want to do some running, there is a park called Benchasiri park situated nearby. 


Then the next station is Thonglor which also has a lot of pubs and bars, international restaurants and cafes especially Japanese food and even has a Japanese mall called Don Don Donki Thailand. 

Phetchaburi and Praram 9

For the last 2 areas, Phetchaburi is an interchange station between MRT and airport link and Praram 9 also has quite a number of office buildings and famous malls such as Central Praram 9. Praram 9 is also a place that has many condominiums. 

If you can find a condominium in one of these areas. It will be pretty comfortable to travel and reach facilities such as train stations, parks, supermarkets and nice restaurants both for you and your kids.

Tips to select condo near NIST International School

To start choosing a condominium, you may ask yourself about your lifestyle first. If you have a personal car and want to send your kids to school by car, you may want to choose somewhere nearby the school to avoid the traffic jams in the morning. Try to stay within 3-5 km. from school.

On the other hand, you may want use the public transportation, such as BTS, because NIST International School is quite near to the train line. So, it will be comfortable for you to go to work as well. In this case, you may choose condominium nearby the BTS line.

If you want to be so close to school and such facilities, you may want to be in Nana, Asok, Prompong, Thonglor areas.

After you know a few areas you want to be, then start considering each condominium. Each place has different offerings, size, style and facilities like luxury styles or comfy and warm. Do you want a swimming pool, fitness or other facilities too? How is it looking with the parking area and the price they offer. Then compare the price and what you need in your condominium to choose the one that suits you the most.

A list of condominiums near NIST

  • Millennium Residence Sukhumvit 20
  • Watthana Heights Sukhumvit 21
  • Hyde Sukhumvit 13
  • Trendy Condominium Sukhumvit 13
  • The Edge Sukhumvit 23
  • Wind Sukhumvit 23
  • Circle S Sukhumvit 12
  • Celes Asoke Sukhumvit 21

You may want to consider Millennium Residence which is located in the prime location that is close to many facilities such as famous malls like Emquatier and Terminal 21. You will be able to get a lake view from this condominium. The place comes with a panorama view and has excellent facilities. It is also fully equipped such as a kitchen, high speed internet and 2 LED TVs just to name a few. Importantly, the place also offers rent, buy and sell as options for customers on their website.  

condo near NIST lake view Millennium
Millennium Residence and the nearby lake at night (Image by Patcharapong K., Google Map)

Is it possible to get a luxury condo near NIST International School with a low price?

Low price is subjective when it comes to quality. So, it would be best to consider the price with what the condominium offers. Let’s take a Millennium Residence Sukhumvit 20 for example. The condo is situated in Sukhumvit 20 between Asok and Prompong areas which is really near to NIST International School. You can travel by car in less than 10 minutes and it takes less than 5 mins to walk to the public transportation. And you can get a lake view that you wouldn’t have a chance to get from other condominiums.

For example, this one bedroom, 68 sqm, fully equipped, the price is 11,500,000 THB. See more rooms here. Or if you want to rent, there is an offer of a room with 1 bedroom, 1 bath room, with the total size of 68 sqm. The price is only 40,000 THB per month. See more rooms here.

Millennium Residence
Millennium Residence Tower D

The condo has many facilities such as a gigantic swimming pool with a kids pool, sauna, tennis court, meeting rooms, library and a playground for the kids ,etc.

Should I rent or buy acondominium near NIST?

It depends on your goal. If you plan to live in this area for a long time, buying it may be worth more because you can sell it after you leave or rent it out to make a business out of it that can create ROI for you in the future. However, if you are not planning to stay for long, you may want to just rent this place. Of course it is a big step for buying, but consider in the long run, it is maybe more worth the price as real estate is a good investment.

Thus, now you know areas which are near to NIST International School. After you find an area you want to live in, it’s time to search for the suitable condominium you are looking for. You may want to consider Millennium Residence Su on the list too since it’s one of the condo near BTS. For further information, please visit Millennium for sale or Millennium for rent.

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