Foreigner now can buy the land in Thailand

Millennium Residence
Millennium Residence

Preparing to UNLOCK the law, Great chance for foreigner to own Thai property

Property : Thai government is currently on process of law amendment aiming to attract and persuade foreigners to invest in the country. It is during the time of criticizing and deciding to allow foreigners to buy property including low rise house as well as have more ownership of condominium. Over 49% or up to briefly 70-80% is the number represented higher opportunity for foreigner to own more than in the past. Moreover the financial amount of the investor should cover around 10 to 15 million baht or higher as well. Of course, this policy literally can boost purchasing power helping housing estate project in Thailand to be better during the pandemic. However, the foreigner can have within 49% of purchasing detached house inside the project. The law amendment for owning property in Thailand is planned to be “contemporary” only about 3-5 years. As we know, it is created to activate Thai economy during Covid19 pandemic. Of course the utmost benefit will be in put to the developer having foreign investors such as ANAN, AP,  ORI and SIRI for condominium group. For housing project, there are the project from LH, QH and SIRI gaining the advantages from the law amendment.

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