Have a taste of everything, here at Asoke.

When it comes to delicious food in Thailand, look no further than the Sukhumvit area. Offering a wide range of restaurant types, Asoke area offers restaurants for all types of occasions whether it’s family dining, business meetings, casual dining or rooftop bars with breathtaking views, Asoke got it all.

Asoke is well known for its variety of top quality restaurants, whether it’s through top ranking websites recommending Thailand must-eat restaurants in Bangkok or through word of mouth. Today, we’re going to share with you, our own list of highly recommended restaurants within the Asoke area.

If you enjoy elegant, good looking food where official business is done, we recommend The Local By Oam Thong Thai Cuisine. Presenting a unique Thai taste, The Local is one not to be missed by expats both staying or visiting looking to experience Thailand at it’s finest. 

The Local By Oam Thong Thai Cuisine

Another restaurant suited for business dinner is Carne Bkk, a Thai restaurant with South American influence, Carne is famous for its roasting, grilling and smoking techniques. If you enjoy great meat cooked to perfection, then Carne Bkk is highly recommended for you.

Carne Bkk

For expats looking to take their family out to dinner for a heartwarming experience, we recommend ‘Baan Khanitha and Gallery’ for your authentic Thai restaurant experience, or ‘Antonio’s – The Italian Experience’, known for its heartwarming atmosphere with personalized attention from Antonio Armenio himself.

Baan Khanitha and Gallery
Antonio’s The Italian Experience

Let’s change the atmosphere to a rooftop style restaurant, famous for its luxurious lifestyle, Asoke, Many hotels have rooftop service to indulge in a variety of international cuisines. Savour the view of Bangkok city nightlife, Our first recommendation is ‘Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant’. Good atmosphere, good music, good food. Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant is perfect for a romantic night out with your lover or a relaxing reunion with your friends. With their signature dish of grilled scallops and roasted cauliflower the restaurant is not to be missed.

Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant

Another great restaurant we recommend is Novotel’s ‘Sky on 20’, with a breathtaking panoramic view of Bangkok city, the restaurant liven the atmosphere with live music every Tuesday night from 7pm until midnight. Dining on delicious cocktails and signature dishes like Mediterranean Pizza and Crab Mayonnaise Bruschetta, Sky on 20 offer the full Bangkok luxurious dining package. The award winning premier sky bar also offers private events for those looking to make the night extra special.

Sky on 20

Now onto the streets, if you’re bored of the restaurant experience and is looking for something more ‘Thai’, Asoke is not lacking in it’s fair share of Thailand’s world famous street food. Our first recommendation is ‘Kaprao Tapae’, serving Thailand most famous menu ‘Pad Kraopao’, the restaurant adds a little extra touch in it by making the, already well known for its spiciness, menu, with Carolina Reaper(one of the world’s hottest chillies).

Kraopao Tapae’s Famous Krapao

If you’re looking for seafood, ‘Hoy Kraeng Luak JePar’ is the way to go. Hoy Kraeng Luak JePar or Miss Par’s Boiled Cockle serves one of the best boiled cockle in Sukhumvit with deliciously famous seafood sauce, the restaurant will definitely leave you yearning for more.

Boiled Cockle of Hoy Kraeng Luak JePar

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