Land and building Tax translation and explanation

This year your will receive a property tax letter so called ” Land and Building Tax ” There is some exceptional on certain type , please see detail here.

Here is Land and building tax translation

Topic Notification for assessment of the payment of land and building tax

To Mr. xxxx

As you the assets you own consist of

  1. Number of land – land area
  2. Number of building – building sizes
  3. Condominiums

The evaluated Land and Building Tax is amount to 310.40 Baht (Three Hundred and ten Baht and Forty Satang) according to the items listed in the Land and Building Tax Calculation Form attached to this letter.

Therefore, we request that the payment for Land and Building Tax is to be paid at Klong Toei District Office by June 30, 2021.

Failure of payment within the specified period, a penalty and surcharge will be incurred under Section 68, Section 69 and Section 70 of the Land and Buildings Tax Act 2019.

In addition, if you have any objection to the assessment being incorrect, you have the right to submit an objection to the local administrators for review in accordance with  form Por.Sor.Dor 10 within 30 days from the date you receive the assessment notification. If the local administration does not approve of this objection, you have the right to appeal to the Tax Assessment Appraisal Committee by submitting an appeal within 30 days from the day you receive the hearing. In the case of disagreement to the ruling, you have the right to sue the administration within 30 days after the decision in accordance with Section 73 and Section 82 of the Land and Building Tax Act, 2019.

This year Cabinet also reduce tax by 90% more detail on article below

Property Tax will calculate from Office appraisal of land office you can download it here

Direct translate is below

Tax Calculation form for Condominium/Apartment

Name of owner of Condominium/Apartment Mr. xxxxxx

No.Condominium/ApartmentCondominium Registration NumberLocationType of BuildingUnit NumberTotal Area Size(sq.m)Estimated Price Per sq.m(Baht)Estimated Condominium/Apartment Prices (Baht)Less exempt tax base value (Baht)The remaining appraised value of the capital required to pay tax (Baht)Tax Rate (percentage)Total Tax(Baht)

Number 1 is your total area
Number 2 is your appraisal per sqm
Number 3 is total total appraisal value
Number 4 is summery total appraisal if you don’t have a deduction here will be your final appraisal
Number 5 is the final figure.

This year will be 90% from number 5

more information please email

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