MEA Metropolitan electric authority ) Increased Fuel tariff (FT) costing electricity bill higher

Many households across Thailand are struggling with the soaring with electricity bills among their major concerns. As cause by oil and gas supplier global price rose sharply .

Since January 2022 MEA ( increased bill by 4.6% from

Fuel tariff (Ft), which is used to calculate electricity bills, has been in the negative territory since 2017, ranging between -0.11 and -0.37 baht a unit.
Thailand has to import Gas at high prices from the Global market, eventually leading to an increase in power bills.
During Russian and Ukraine war also take a main part factor to oil and gas price , it has been increasing significantly.
This May 2022 to August 2022 MEA decided to increase Fuel tariff (Ft) again , it would rise by 0.2338 baht to 1.2991 baht per unit,

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