Millennium Residence Floor Plan

Floor plan & Room Layout

One Bedroom Type A: 69 sqm

Welcome to your dream home, where luxury meets comfort in the heart of the city. Our expansive one-bedroom apartments are meticulously designed with your lifestyle in mind, featuring a gigantic, U-shaped kitchen that's perfect for culinary enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the art of cooking with state-of-the-art appliances and ample counter space that make every meal a celebration.

But the luxury doesn't end there. Each apartment boasts an opulent bathroom, a large walk-in closet for all your fashion needs, and a living space bathed in natural light, offering stunning views of the city skyline. It's not just an apartment; it's your personal haven in the bustling city.

Whether you're looking for a cozy nest to rent or a magnificent space to call your own, we have options to suit every preference. Explore our available

Two bedroom TYPE B 89 sqm

Discover the epitome of cozy living in our compact two-bedroom apartments. Designed with kitchen enthusiasts and small families in mind, each space features a modern kitchen and a comfortable layout, complete with a luxurious bathtub to unwind in style. Embrace the perfect balance of functionality and warmth in a home that's designed for you

Explore the possibilities for unit for sale or rental:

Two Bedroom Type C: 128 sqm

Experience unparalleled living in our Two Bedroom Layout Type C, offering breathtaking 360-degree views. The front boasts a serene lake view, while the city's beauty unfolds at the back, ensuring visual splendor from every angle. The apartment features a large walk-in closet and excellent wind ventilation, creating a comfortable and airy atmosphere. The added extra space serves multiple purposes, adapting to your lifestyle needs. This layout is perfect for those seeking elegance and functionality in one package.

Discover your dream home with us. Explore the possibilities for ownership or rental:

Three Bedroom Type D: 146 sqm

Introducing our Three Bedroom Type D apartments, spanning an impressive 146 sqm, designed for the ultimate family living experience. Enjoy the panoramic views that encapsulate the essence of luxury and comfort. This layout includes three bedrooms, complete with two dedicated car parks, ensuring convenience and security for your family. The apartment's size is optimally utilized, providing ample space for family gatherings and personal retreats.

Moreover, the inclusion of a maid's room offers versatility, serving as a large storage space or an extra room tailored to your needs. This apartment is the epitome of a family-centric design, blending functionality with elegance to create a warm and welcoming home.

Make your dream home a reality:

Three Bedroom Type E: 193 sqm

Our Three Bedroom Type E apartments redefine luxury living for expat families, with an expansive 196 sqm of living space that accommodates large family needs effortlessly. These apartments are a sanctuary of peace and luxury, offering spacious 3-bedroom layouts, perfect for those who value comfort and style.

Experience 360-degree views that capture the breathtaking beauty of both the park and the city, ensuring a serene backdrop to your family's moments. Unique to Type E, each apartment occupies its own floor, providing an unparalleled level of privacy and exclusivity. This feature is a testament to the apartment's design, prioritizing space and views for a truly distinguished living experience.

Embrace the luxury designed for distinguished families:

Penthouse PH1 323 sqm

Our 323 sqm Penthouse redefines luxury living, offering the flexibility to transform from its original three-bedroom layout into a spacious four-bedroom haven. This architectural masterpiece boasts an iconic oval-shaped design, setting a new standard for elegance and uniqueness in Bangkok's skyline.

Surround yourself with 360-degree panoramic views that capture the city's breathtaking beauty, allowing you to enjoy the pinnacle of urban living. The penthouse's full-height windows flood the space with natural

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    Our architectural design prioritizes your peace and privacy. With no more than four units per floor, each residence is strategically positioned to ensure maximum privacy—residents cannot see into other units, affording you your own secluded haven.

    To enhance your living experience, four high-speed lifts ensure swift and easy access to your home, minimizing wait times and enhancing comfort. This convenience is matched by our commitment to security; lift access is secured with personalized cards, ensuring that only residents can access their specific floors. This exclusive feature underscores our dedication to your safety and privacy.

    Choose a home that respects your privacy, elevates your comfort, and secures your peace of mind:

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